Our Philosophy

At Masla Phyto-Aromatic Skin Care our goal is to create pure natural skin care solutions that would make your skin supple and glowing through nutrient rich botanicals, balance your mood through aromatherapy and enhance your natural beauty through holistic approach.

What is our definition of "beauty"?

Our beauty is natural

At Masla we believe in enhancing natural beauty through the use of natural ingredients and holistic practices. We source our ingredients and inspiration from nature. We only use the purest of natural and certified organic ingredients in all of our formulas.

Our beauty is simple

We are convinced that the simplest things have the most profound beauty. We strive to apply this principle to all areas of our lives including the way we do business and formulate our products. We truly believe that a cosmetic formula doesn't have to consist of 100+ ingredients in order for it to provide benefits to the skin. Therefore we avoid using any kind of fillers and only include necessary key ingredients in our products.

Our beauty is honest

We wholeheartedly believe in transparency and honesty when it comes to business, or any other relationship as a matter of fact. We will do our best to keep you well-informed about all essential aspects of our brand, such as ingredients we choose and practices we conduct. At Masla our goals are to create awareness, develop conciousness and educate our customers and partners.

Our beauty is kind

We believe that beauty is kind. It is kind to those around us, including the most vulnerable - animals. We strongly support cruelty-free movement. None of our products, nor the ingredients we use, have been tested on animals. Furthermore, we do not use any ingredients that were obtained by hurting innocent animals and/or destroying their natural habitat. Masla beauty is also kind to the Earth and environment. Aleksandra, our founder, personally manages a local recycling group, which allows us to recycle cosmetic and personal care packaging that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill.

Our beauty is positive

We believe that the true beauty is in a warm smile and kind eyes. We also believe that the beauty can be found in almost anything as long a you implement positive thinking. We are convinced that happiness and optimism make any person beautiful. Therefore we focus on creating positive and drama-free environment in Masla community. We craft all of our products lovingly by hand, and infuse every single batch with positive vibes.