Our Story

At MASLA we have combined the purest of botanical extracts and oils into concentrated natural skin care that nourishes skin with vitamins and nutrients and stimulates senses with delicate plant aromas.
Created in 2014 by a licensed Aesthetician MASLA Phyto-Aromatic Skin Care has been formulated specifically to assist fellow Aestheticians and holistic Spa Professionals on a mission of helping their clients achieve glowing complexion through the use of completely natural skin care products.

Masla Phyto-Aromatic Skin Care has been created with a simple idea - to make every step of a facial treatment beneficial for the client. Disappointed with a lack of superior quality facial massage products, we have created Phyto Boosters - concentrated plant oil serums. Perfect for various skin types and conditions our Phyto Boosters turned out to be truly multipurpose skin solutions. Created specifically for a superior facial massage experience, they soon proved to be excellent as facial moisturizers for both men and women.

Meet our Founder & CEO
Aleksandra is a licensed Aesthetician with a passion for natural skin care. She is a firm supporter of a holistic skin care approach. Aleksandra says she has struggled with redness and breakouts on her skin for a very long time. After becoming licensed in Esthetics she became knowledgeable about proper skin care practices and treatments and was using all cosmeceutical grade products. However her skin condition did not improve and even got worse after she became a mother. That prompted her to search for alternative ways to address her skin issues.

Aleksandra has always been very passionate about natural and organic skin care products along with holistic skin treatments. She spent a lot of time researching cosmetic ingredients, both natural and synthetic, and learning about formulating. As a holistically-minded Aesthetician Aleksandra have always took extra care when providing face massages to her clients during facial treatments. Aleksandra believes that face massage is a very important and extremely beneficial part of the treatment. As she learned more about ingredients and formulating she became concerned and disappointed with the face massage products available on the market. None seem to work with her treatment protocols the way she wanted it. She had a strong feeling that more can be done to make client's skin glow. In 2014 the idea of MASLA (Russian for "Oils") was born. With the desire to take the best of both worlds - Professional and Organic skincare - Aleksandra began formulating her Phyto Boosters. Her mission was simple to create multifunctional face oils that could be used during a facial treatment and beyond. After over a year of formulating she has successfully created a collection of Phyto Boosters - extraordinary face oils that work with a facial protocol and not against it.
Aleksandra's ultimate goal is to create a full range of skin care products for women who, just like herself, struggle with sensitive environmentally damaged skin.