Love Letters


"If you never tried Masla skin care, you are missing a lot. Masla is a natural skin care line that has been formulated and handcrafted by Aleksandra Andrade.
Today at my salon i had a client with a very sensitive, dry skin. She had dry patches on her cheeks. As soon as i analyzed her skin i decided to try Soothing Facial Cleanser. I took 4 pumps of the Soothing Facial Cleanser and put it on her dry skin . I even didn't add any water. I massaged it for about 4-5 mins to push the product deeper into the skin. Rinsed with a warm towel. The results were amazing! The cleanser removed dirt and leaved the skin feeling hydrated. I highly recommend to try this cleanser if you have sensitive or dry skin."
- Ksenia Vinichenko, Master Aesthetician, owner of Ksenia's Skin Care & Waxing Studio

"I'm using Masla products over a year now and I can say that this is the best thing I ever applied on my face !! I have extremely sensitive skin plus rosacea. I tried hundreds of different product and nothing ever suited my skin and then I tried Masla !! I can't even say which one of the serums I like better because all of them are absolutely amazing ! I'm saying it not only because it only has a nice smell and applies easily, but because my skin feels healthier then ever and even my rosacea is almost gone !no pimples ! No heavy feeling! Light and awesome !"
- Anastasia, Bahrain

"My review is well overdue but the product is great and I would feel wrong not to post a feedback. I've been using Masla since November and I love it! For my face I use Berry boost serum during my morning and evening routine. It's not too oily, absorbs fast and I have no problems applying foundation afterwards. Eye serum is oilier but it helps to plump the skin around eyes. I also used the body scrub - works well! And body oil- it does a good job on dry hands and elbows. Lastly, everything smells great! During my tryouts of different products, Alexandra was very helpful in understanding my needs and making oils to my likings. For example, my first face oil smelled like lemongrass -) loved it. She takes pride in her work, has fun doing it and makes clients look and feel great. Best of luck to MASLA!"
- Natasha Green

"I've been using Soothing Treatment Serum daily for 3 weeks and I like it a lot. Thanks to this oil-serum my Rosacea symptoms have disappeared. My skin feels more hydrated and isn't dry at the T-zone anymore."
- Lana G.

"I am absolutely in love with all MASLA products! I have been using them consistently for over a year and can’t live without them! I apply Phyto Boosters in the morning and evening over with my various antiaging serums and creams. They never make my skin feel or look oily but instead make skin plump and glowing. My YSL and Estee Lauder foundations go on perfectly smooth over it and stay on throughout the day without drying my skin. The biggest difference in my beauty routine Phyto boosters made in combination with Retinol cream. I have been training my skin for last 4 years to get used to Retinol but I could never use Retinol more than 2-3 nights a week because it was causing dryness and flakiness. Once I started using MASLA products, I was able to increase use of Retinol to 4-5 times a week with no side effects! I highly recommend it to everyone, especially if you struggle with overall dry skin condition or dryness/flakiness related to use of Retinol. I apply MASLA product about 30-45 minutes after retinol cream application, it works! When I traveled to beach vacation this month, I have taken MASLA with me, they were truly irreplaceable in my beauty routine on the beach. I have goten a little more sun than I needed and never hesitated to apply MASLA to my body and face (sometimes after after applying Aloe) because MASLA products do not have absolutely any synthetic /artificial fillers that irritate skin or can react with components in other products you want to combine them with. I look forward to seeing more products in MASLA skincare!"
- Lana Adams

"Both my mom an I love the night serum! The best part is knowing that there are only high quality ingredients that go on my skin as compared to water - the most common first ingredient in a night cream - and petroleum by-products - the second most common ingredient. Thank you, Masla!"
- Lada Leffler, Virginia

"I've been using Masla twice a day for a month and can already see results. My skin looks absolutely cleaner and is glowing which I really like! It doesn't feel dry in the end of the day any more. I really like the way my make up goes on after I use treatment serums by Masla. My skin feels fresh all day! It's amazing! I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to look healthy and beautiful! Thanks Aleksandra for making me happy!"
- Elena Khmelnitskaya, photographer at ElenaSkaya Photography

"I have discovered Masla not too long ago, but from the first days of using the products the results that this brand delivers have been nothing less but fascinating. I have never had a perfect complexion and have been struggling with breakouts. Soothing Treatment Serum helps control my breakout-prone skin. My skin feels much calmer and looks less red and much less irritated. And even though my skin is not completely free of blemishes, I can definitely see less of them. I believe that the results I desire can be achieved by using a complex of products. So I will definitely consult with Aleksandra upon my arrival back in the States and will purchase additional products. Thank you Aleksandra for making sure that no toxic preservatives or other nasties get onto my skin! Thank you for the pure natural products you create!"
- Olga Guskova


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