Gua Sha Face Massage Tool

MASLA Skincare

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Masla Gua Sha tool is a hand-carved piece of carved jade stone that is designed to gently massage the skin and improve its overall appearance.

Gua Sha has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. It is known to be stimulating for the face, and is believed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and promote firmer facial contours.

The Masla Gua Sha Tool can be used in combination with one of our facial oils. Start by moving it across the skin using the smooth edge, working from the centre of the face and lifting the epidermis gently upward.

Benefits of Gua Sha:

  • Improves the blood circulation
  • Relieves muscle tension 
  • Encourages lymphatic drainage 
  • Promotes a smoother skin tone
  • Works to detoxify and cleanse the skin
  • Helps to reduce puffiness and dark eye circles
  • Supports a healthy glow